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Minmax Travel Company

Address: 68 Hang Bo Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: (+84.4) 3 828 2187 / 88

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Overview Minmax Travel Company

Everyday, MinMax Travel Co., Ltd - Vietnam Tourism Advisor - helps thousands of travelers in Vietnam travel as well as travel to Laos, Cambodia find great best tours, accommodations, plan relaxing vacations and pursue exciting adventures.

From romantic bed & breakfasts to luxury vacation rentals, from bungee jumping to safaris, and from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, MinMax Travel is a comprehensive resource for travelers around the world. Minmax Travel will be an ideal and reliable Vietnam travel agency of your choosings.

We are the travel company in Vietnam includes travel agents & tour operators and we are arranging any trips, travel high quality services, make reservations, lead tours... We also help travelers find their products and services on-line to a very large and diverse audience of travelers, vacationers and adventure seekers.

Why Travel with MinMax Travel Co., Ltd?
Since 2001, MinMax Travel has become a success in travel business company in Vietnam and have satisfied all our clients from all over the world, because of Travel around Vietnam has created 4 priorities to meet all client’s convenience, a warm welcome, great services and guarantee:

1- Organize your own unique itinerary with Minmax Travel:
Email us and we will immediately allocate one of our efficient travel consultants to work with you to develop your personal travel itinerary. The consultant will provide you updated information on the places you wish to travel and explore and Will answer all of your queries such as when is the best time to undertake your travel, what clothing and Other necessities you require on this travel tour, or even assist you to learn some basic Vietnamese to make your travel tour in Vietnam more and more excited and meaningful. You may well find that the information provided by our consultant plays a key role in ensuring that you have a very enjoyable holiday. You will have a wonderful and memorable trip in Vietnam travel with Minmax travel. Our highly trained consultants are focused on sharing their intricate knowledge of the region with you.

2- Travel with a flexible schedule with our professional travel company
It is wonderful for tourists in Vietnam travel that even small groups can have flexible itineraries. Your movements need not be dictated by the demands of a larger group. You will control your own touring, if you wish to change your travel schedule, our staff of our travel agency will negotiate new arrangements with our services providers. Through this, tourists in Vietnam travel will be no longer worried about rigid travel schedules. They can be comfortable to choose their own flexible travel schedule in Vietnam with us.

3- Our travel tour guides are very well-trained and professional:
We understand that an efficient tour guide can ensure that you have an enjoyable holiday, a wonderful travel tour in Vietnam as well as in anywhere in the world.  Therefore, we pay special attention to the issue of professional travel tour guides. Our travel tour guides are local people who have graduated from universities and they have worked in the tourism industry for many years with many experiences on travel fields. They are informative, open and friendly. They know a great deal about the culture and history of the places you will travel.

4 - Good reputation and strong relationship with the government authorities:
Our travel business has been steadily growing because we are a local operation in Vietnam. We understand widely and deeply about Vietnamese cultural and traditional values and all attractive destinations in Vietnam travel.  Moreover, our experience in travel field also has helped us to understand what favourite sites, foods and activities which visitors in Vietnam travel like to enjoy.

a. Exceptional Locations?
MinMax Travel offer a huge choice of unique locations throughout Vietnam for our travel clients, especially Hanoi Capital. Our objective is to select exceptional buildings that fit perfectly with their surroundings: whether at the heart of cities, hotels, historical or business centres, the hotel should express its individual personality in harmony with its environment. This will satisfy all travel clients with the most demandings about travel in Vietnam.

b. Travel quality?
Main goal of our travel company is to anticipate your every need and in our pursuit of the highest standards in hospitality, we train our staff to focus on this at all times.
We always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing the quality of an international, luxury hotels whilst embracing all that is best in the local culture.

c. Gastronomy in Vietnam travel?
Culinary experience is one of the key ingredients of a perfect stay in Vietnam travel as well as travel to anywhere. It is the reason why gastronomy is so important for us and why we attract so many famous Chefs. More than ten restaurants amongst all Our Hotels Group have now acquired international recognition; their cuisine is exceptional and frequently award winning.
If you have acquisition, partnership, or management agreement opportunities, for either existing hotels or new developments, that you believe may be suitable for one of our brands, we would be very interested to hear from you. Please click: [email protected] to contact us by email.

Contact Information:
Official Website: www.MinMaxTravel.com

  • To make reservations or check availability: Please contact Operators directly by viewing the phone number display at homepage and then sending an inquiry!
  • Additional Information: MinMax Travel is a travel company and we proud of a member of Vietnam National Administration of tourism:

International Travel License: 01-240/2010/TCDL-GPLHQT.



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