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Location: Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is located on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology opened at the end of 1997. Since then, it has attracted the attention of visitors as well as ethnographers and researchers from all over the world. 

Characteristic: It contains more than 10,000 objects, 15,000 black and white photos and hundreds of video tapes and cassettes which depict all aspects of life, activities, customs, and habits of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam.  


The museum has successfully recreated the daily life together with the religious rituals and the symbolic festivals of each ethnic group in Vietnam. Visitors have the opportunity to admire costumes, embroidery as well as outside stilt houses and habitats from the different groups.

All displayed objects mingle and supplement one another to create a colourful and diversified picture of Vietnamese culture. An open-air exhibition in the museum’s spacious and peaceful ground features ethnic houses from all over Vietnam.

The displayed object area is divided into 9 parts:

- Introduction.

- Introduction of Viet (Kinh).

- Introduction of Muong, Tho, Chut ethnic groups.

- The ethnic groups belong to the Tay, Thai, and Kadai groups. 

 The outdoor exhibition area is only large enough for the most popular architectural styles to be presented. Already presented are the E De long house, the Tay stilt house, the Dao house half on stilts and half on earth, the H' Mong house whose roof is made of pomu wood, the Viet house with tile roof, the Gia Rai tomb, the Ba Na communal house, the Cham traditional houae, the Ha Nhi house made with earth-beaten walls.    

There are future plans to present the Co Tu tomb and the surrounding completion of the Viet house. Between the houses, there are trees indigenous to the area of each house, zigzagging paths and a meandering stream crossed by small bridges. The outdoor museum is being realised step by step.  

Visiting hours:

 8:00 - 17:00 all days; except Mon and holidays, Tet in a year.


 - Regular Admission: 20,000VND.

 - Reduced Admission: 5,000VND: College and university students.

                                  3,000 VND: Primary and secondary students.

 - Free Admission: Children under 6 years of age and to Vietnam’s ethnic minority members.

15 Reviews of Museum of Ethnology


I was going to visit the Water Puppet show in Hanoi itself, only to find it was booked out for 2 days.I visited the Ethnology Museum, and to my surprise, they hold a Water Puppet show here. Well, I thought, I will...

One of the best in Vietnam

This is one of the best museums in Vietnam, yet alone Hanoi but is somewhat inconveniently located in the western suburbs of the city. If you're interested in learning more about the 54 ethnic minorities...

The most interesting museum

In my opinion the Museum of Ethnology is the most interesting museum in Hanoi! Interesting if you – like me – want some basic information about the ethnic groups of Vietnam, but also if you are going to...

Visit inside the museum building

Be prepared to spend at least one afternoon to have only a very small introduction to Vietnamese cultural diversity! Most ethnic groups or areas are represented in the museum! This museum is a real work of cultural...

A walk in the museum park and garden

In the sun, in the shade of the trees, smelling the scents of flowers, walk in the park, and discover the habitat of some of the many ethnic groups of Vietnam; most displays are houses, and inside is furniture,...

Beautiful Asian museum!

It is probably one of the best ethnological museums I had the luck to visit; people of Vietnam, their traditions, their beliefs, their differences, how they lived (and still live), the diversity of cultures, it is...

Vietnam 54 minority Ethnic Group

Interesting museum to visit in Hanoi is Museum of Ethnology. It is a public museum. To enter it cost 20,000 VND. The museum is large in area. It has two parts outside and inside. They are information in English...

Unmissable Museum of Ethnology

One of the best places I went to in Hanoi. I truly recommend this place. This museum is in an open area and will provide you an excellent glimpse of the different ethnic minorities of Vietnam. The ethnic houses are...

Understanding Vietnam

The Museum of Ethnology is really worth a visit if you are interested in understanding the Vietnamese people. They are a collection of many many ethnic groups and their history of defending their independence as a...

Ethnology Insight!

A visit to this museum will give you a great overview of the various hill tribes of the country and greater region.Within the grounds are examples of the various housing styles built by the ethnic minorities of the...

Learn about different ethnic groups

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is well worth a visit because of the amount of visual and tactile information provided on the various ethnic groups that make up the country of Vietnam. The displays particularly,...

Wondeful place to learn all tribes in Vietnam

This is a great museum showcasing the distribution and culture of all the major and minor tribes in Vietnam. There are many audio-video to bring to life many crafts and traditions. Outdoor, there is also a...

Learn more about Vietnam's ethnic groups

Great place to know more about Vietnam's ethnic groups. Vietnam has a total of 54 ethnic groups belonging to 5 ethnolinguistic families. In this Museum of Ethnology, you will get to know the cultures of ethnic...

My favourite museum in Hanoi

This museum really paints a great picture of the lives of the 54 ethnic groups. You can learn about their rituals (like funerals) and see their clothing and crafts. Outside, are the beautiful gardens with...


I usually get bored by museums after about half an hour. but this one, of all countries ive been to, is my favourite museum. its set up modernly, its interesting to look at it, its varying in its exhibitions. its...

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