Chua Huong (Perfume Pagoda) Daily Tour

Trip Code: HN01
Trip Price: $US$ 46 Pax

The Perfume Pagoda is located 75km south of Hanoi. This is the biggest pagoda complex, which hosts Vietnam's longest annual Buddhist festival (from the first month of the lunar calendar to third one). En route, marvel at the breathtaking mountain scenery interlaced by cool clear streams. If you really fancy a workout, you can row the boat yourself.


Hanoi City Tour & Handicraft Villages

Trip Code: HN02
Trip Price: $US$ 50 Pax

Visit major sites of Hanoi capital and outside - This is great   combination tour between major site internal of capital, such as Ho Chi   Minh Complex; Army Museum, Hanoi Hilton, Vietnamese Women's Museum,   History Museum, local market, and the surrounding areas: the noodle   village located long the Nhue River


Hanoi City Tour – Day Trip

Trip Code: HN03
Trip Price: $US$ 50 Pax

Hanoi City Tour - Day Trip - Hanoi is one of the most interesting cities in Southeast Asia. The City is slow-paced yet quick to charm, with a lovely landscape of lakes, shaded boulevards, verdant public parks and French-colonial architecture.


Cooking Class Tour Hanoi – Half Day Trip

Trip Code: HN04
Trip Price: $US$ 60 Pax

If cooking were painting, Vietnam would have one of the world’s most  colorful palettes. The great diversity of its climate and terrain can  produce almost anything that can be eaten. The Vietnamese ourselves have  no culinary inhibitions and are always willing to try something new.