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Hanoi, the name expresses so much poetic inspiration. There is an endless source of inspiration which has been flowing for a long time throughout the history. We are proud of Hanoi capital with thousand years of culture. Coming to Hanoi, visitors will have the chances to visit the beautifully natural landscapes and Vietnamese traditional handicraft villages existing for hundreds of years and the traditional festivals- cultural products crystallized many spiritual values. After a journey around the 36 streets in Hanoi, you will feel tired and want to find a place to stop and take a rest. Always understand the psychology of tourists, Hanoi Local Guide was born in the hope that we can give travelers much necessary information about hotels system in Hanoi with a free service. Since as local person, we are in good position to negotiate with hotel, resort and travel operators in Vietnam for good rates and services, also due to the low operating cost and the low transaction costs via internet.
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