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Hanoi Museum
By Hanoi Local Guide

Hanoi’s newest museum opened in 2010 as part of the city’s 1000th birthday celebrations. In architectural terms this is far and away the country’s most ambitious museum project. The inverted pyramid design is visually striking and is surprisingly functional. It seems to have been inspired by some of the more flamboyant modern creations in Beijing and Shanghai and was designed by German architects GMP.

Focused on the history of Hanoi and Vietnam, for now at least, the collection is poor and not worth the effort and cost of making the half hour journey from downtown Hanoi. Much of the collection is unidentified or poorly captioned.

The massive investment in this building might have been better spent on improving the curatorial quality of the city’s existing museums. There are plans to improve the collection and the information. This can’t happen quickly enough.

In the meantime, the building has the architectural world talking.

Address: Pham Hung street, Tu Liem district, Hanoi
Opening hours: Everyday except for Monday from 8:00-11:30 and from 13:30-17:00
Entrance fee: free

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Good thing about the museum Hanoi

Good thing about the museum Hanoi

We went to hanoi museum this past Sunday. From the front gate, my impression was there were a lot of space and greens, which is good because visitors can take a walk around or just sit and rest after touring the...

Visited the Hanoi Museum

Visited the Hanoi Museum

When I visited the Hanoi Museum shortly after it opened I was amazed by the miniature tree garden decorating the front terrace. Unfortunately, that was the most worthwhile thing that I got out of my visit to the...

Hanoi Museum opens to public

Hanoi Museum opens to public

Hanoi Museum, the new museum of Hanoi's history, was inaugurated on Wednesday this week as part of the millennial celebrations at the Vietnamese capital. The ceremony took place in the presence of national and...

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