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Ba Vi National Park

Ba Vi National Park
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Visiting to Ba Vi National Park, visitors will be immersed in the natural scenery of majestic mountains nd take the chance to be back with the legendary of Son Tinh - Thuy Tinh being sacred and poetic.

Located 50km away from the center of the capital in the west, with fresh alpine climate, Ba Vi National Park has long become an ideal destination for local and foreign tourists. In the middle of the hills, there is a block of high mountain that includes 3 peaks ( Vua peak, Tan Vien peak and Ngoc Hoa peak) creating the name of Ba Vi.

In the middle of mountainside, there are many waterfalls flowing down every day and it forms the attractive places such as Khoang Xanh, Ao Vua, Thac Nga, suoi Ngoc…

Ba Vi National Park has 1,209 species of plants, including 21 rare plant species listed in the Vietnam Red Book as  Bach xanh, Sen mat, Phi ba mui, De tung soc trang, Hoa tien, Rau hum, Kim tuyen…The animal including 63 species of mammals, with many rare species such as: Cay gam, Cu li lon, white pheasants

In addition to the legend, Nui Ba Vi is the incarnation of the Tan Vien Son Tinh Holy ,. To remember the merits of him, people set up the temple to worship him at the top of Tan Vien, or called Den Thuong. Den Thuong was ranked historic national culture in February, 2008. In addition to the historical value, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the culture of Van Lang born 18th Hung King and a deeper feeling of love between Son Tinh and Ngoc Hoa Princess. 





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